The Federation receives requests for help from co-operatives in Developing Countries – the web is making contact possible for most of us around the globe. Unfortunately we don’t have the resources to do a lot to help these local co-operatives set up in regions of great need.

We can offer advice based on our experience (in the knowledge that we are probably ignorant of their needs and challenges) and the possibility to link with other co-operators around the world. Their real needs are usually very practical – we’re assuming (maybe erroneously) that co-operators able to visit and provide on-the-ground help are the most valuable.

We’ve included this page on our website to increase the chance that their voices might be heard by someone who really is able to help. So, in the hope that co-operatives will help other co-operatives and co-operators, we offer these links or letters. Please see if there’s any assistance you can provide.