Education & training for co-operative directors, staff & members


Co-ops NSW provides education and training for co-operative directors, staff and members. These events are delivered as either off-the-shelf or tailored workshops, networking meetings or conferences, dependent on the need. Examples include:

  • governance training, to improve the performance of co-operative Boards;
  • education for members on how they can best participate in their co-operative;
  • strategic planning; and
  • regional networking meetings, with updates on important developments in the co-operative world;
  • a two day conference is held every 18 months. This has components of governance training, updates on recent developments, and an emphasis on facilitating participants learning from each other through networking.

Current Events

As part of our role of providing quality training, the Federation has developed an Effective Governance Workshop in conjunction with The Mercury Centre. We have a basic package which we then tailor according to specific needs. We can provide training for an individual organisation or for a number of organisations at once. The training can be in conjunction with facilitation of specific board issues, strategic planning, budgeting, etc, and can take place over one day or a combination of days or evenings. Click here for an example of a workshop spread over two weeks (downloadable 25Kb PDF).

In its current form the programme is appropriate for any Board, not just co-operative directors. It is often appropriate to also have senior management attend. It should be noted that this type of training is especially valuable when members of more than one board are involved – the dynamics change and new ideas are more readily explored in discussions.Our programs are always cost-effective, with fees kept to a minimum, reflecting the effort involved in organising the event.

The Co-operative Federation and our partner organisations offer a range of education and training solutions to meet most needs.

Please contact us via email or contact Richard O’Leary, Secretary, by telephone on 02-6562 4116, to start a conversation about an education solution.