Co-operative peak bodies and development assistance

The Business Council of Co-operatives and Mutuals (BCCM) is the national peak organisation representing the sector of co-operative and mutually owned businesses. It provides leadership in the important areas of education, research, promotion and advocacy, necessary to build a strong sector.

Co-ops NSW represents and assists co-operatives in their relationships with government, facilitates and provides assistance and services, promotes public aareness and understanding of co-operative structures, promotes the exchange of information amongst co-operative entities, and works with other co-operative organisations interstate and internationally.

Co-operatives WA acts as a forum for consideration of legislative and policy development, provides an annual conference, training and development activities, professional advice, practical support and preliminary assistance to co-operatives and potential co-operatives. If considering, or required to register a co-operative in Western Australia you should contact Co-operatives WA for specific advice on the WA jurisdiction and the Co-operatives Act 2009 (WA) which is CNL corresponding co-operatives law. is an initiative of the BCCM aimed at providing the tools and information to learn more about the co-operative sector and to assist people to set-up and run a co-operative or mutual enterprise.

Co-op Builder is another initiative of the BCCM that is a step-by-step online tool to assist people to draft and tailor the essential legal documents required to form a co-operative.