The Co-operative Federation of NSW:

  • represents and assists co-operatives and like entities in their relationships with government;
  • facilitates and provides assistance and services, including the Co-operatives Conference every 18 months;
  • promotes public awareness and understanding of the significance of co-operative structures;
  • promotes the exchange of information amongst co-operative entities; and
  • works with other co-operative organisations interstate and internationally.

If your organisation works in accordance with co-operative principles, please consider joining the Federation, so that we can strengthen the co-operative sector, to the benefit of everyone.

Co-operatives National Law
A uniform set of national laws for co-operatives is being progressively introduced for  States and Territories. This will be achieved by each State and Territory either adopting the template Co-operatives National Law (CNL) or passing alternative legislation consistent with the Co-operatives National Law, in line with their jurisdiction’s Government and Parliamentary processes. More details….